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Flying Mini Market is a level building inspired by and based off of the work of Alejandro Burdisio. The main purpose of the game was to design and create a title based off one reference, along with the story and functional animations. The main objective was to build the mini market progressively larger with different floor types, and manage the resources. 

I worked on the project in late 2019 during the start of my masters degree. This project was great fun and I intend to come back at a later date to fine tune it's narrative design, mechanics; as well as adding animations and expanding on the art style. 

Design Goals
  • Creating a whiteboxing and prototyping workflow to integrate fast changing mechanics. 

  • Creating mechanic ideas that would coincide with style of the reference material. 

  • Design modular assets and floors to be used repeatedly. 

  • Test modular asset designs through whitebox integration, progressively developing them following industry pipelines. 


Microsoft Windows


Unreal Engine 4.21




3 months, 2019 

Tools Used 

Unreal Engine, 3ds Max, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter


Narrative designer, 3D artist, level designer, graphic designer, gameplay designer


Building Leveling

With each new sale, the business grow, and over time new floors were needed to manage it's growth. These floors being broken down in either storage, sales, or power. 

Floors - 

Careful management of the floors proved to be key to the development of the business, and to not run into bankruptcy



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