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Pitcher and Piano VR is a game level encompassing the recreation of the Pitcher and Piano bar in Nottingham. The main purpose of the game was to create an interactive space. The main objective was to explore the bar and it's customers, interacting with the environment and the customers. 

I worked on this title in my third year by myself. Throughout the year I attended several meetings with the owners of the establishment, regarding the production, progress moving forward, and design decisions based on their choices.  

Design Goals
  • Creating a level to allow for the most optimal VR navigation. 

  • Designing gameplay mechanics and fitting them in well with the roaming AI, so the player's aware each AI has their own path, goals, and groups. 

  • Creating an interesting and interactive level with simple environment interactions. 

  • Making design decisions regarding the brief that was set out by the owner of the establishment. 


Microsoft Windows


Unreal Engine 4.19


Blueprints, C++


7 months, 2018

Tools Used 

Unreal Engine, 3ds Max, Maya, Adobe Photoshop CS6​, Quixel Suite


Level designer, graphic designer, gameplay designer, 3D artist

Visualization and Realization 


Throughout the production of level and visualization, constant contact was had with the owners of the establishment. 

Milestone meetings - 

Regular monthly meetings were held to keep track of the progress, making sure the final product will hold up to the original design brief. 

Design briefs - 

Made by the establishment, the briefs were made to lay out what is needed in the design and creation of the level.


VR Integration

As the main mechanic of the project, the player can navigate the environment in it's real scale, being fully immersed. 

Aim - 

To let the player explore the environment in the most immersive way possible, interacting with objects and key areas of interest.


Incomplete Mechanics

Roaming Customers

Although the mechanic would've greatly increased the immersion and replayability of the level, it was ultimately put on hold due to the rising optimization issues that would've escalated with it's integration. 

Roaming Customers - 

AI will fill out the environment, following their own paths and interacting with key areas and each other in the social circles they have. 

For example - 

 - A couple at the bar might roam to the bathroom and back, but only interacting with each other otherwise. 

Dynamic Time

The system was originally implemented at the start of the production, but due to lightmap and shadow issues it has been put on hold till further notice.

Dynamic Time - 

Throughout the time the player is in the level the time of day will change, changing the lighting, mood, and the roaming customer's activity to suit the time of day.


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